Something Wilde Productions is teaming up with supporters and investors to secure funding to make Made Public possible. Your generous contributions will provide funds for critical components of our production, from our costumes and catering to the on-location childcare we hope to provide to the moms and dads in our cast and crew.


$10 | THE "PLUS ONE"

> A social media shout-out, informing the masses and our legions of fans that YOU are making MADE PUBLIC possible... you beautiful person, you.

Foster Cake Topper - DONE.jpg


THANK YOU! Even when you're covered in flour, you're still radiant.

> A social media shout-out as a thank you for your support of Made Public

> Your own personalized digital wedding cake topper. Just tell us the name of the celebrity you would most want to marry... and we'll do the rest.


$50 | 


THANK YOU! Pour us a glass and one for yourself while you're at it.

ALL of the goodies mentioned above

> A VIP private viewing link to watch the completed film prior to release.

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$99 | 


THANK YOU! And thanks for playing that Michael McDonald song that my mom requested.

ALL of the goodies mentioned above

> Our Music Supervisor and master of melodies, Patrick Wilson, will curate your very own customized Wedding Songs playlist. Just provide 3-5 songs or artists you love, and he'll craft the perfect 10-song soundtrack to your life.


$250 | 


THANK YOU! All denominations are wonderful, but $250 is heavenly and so generous. You'll receive:

ALL of the goodies mentioned above

> Your own copy of the Made Public script, signed by screenwriter Brian Leahy and director Foster Wilson


$500 | 


THANK YOU! They don't call you the "Best" for nothing. You'll receive:

ALL of the goodies mentioned above

Our trusted scribe, Brian Leahy, will write a customized one-page letter or poem to anyone you choose, be it a secret admirer, a prison pen pal, your boss, your congressperson, or a certain White House resident. Give Brian a name and a general message or mood, and he'll drop some serious verse.



$1,000 | 


THANK YOU!! Ugh, we're just in awe of you. Drop that bouquet because you're getting:

> ALL of the goodies mentioned above

> Your name in the final credits of the film as a THANK YOU for your contribution

> Best of all, a Movie Night with the Director! Why GO to the movies when Foster can bring the movie to you? Equipped with a bottle of wine and a bag of microwave popcorn, our fearless leader will join you at your home and bring the completed film with her!*

*Recipient must resident in the Los Angeles area.


$2,500 | 


THANK YOU!!! Man oh man You're fetching in that suit. For your incredible generosity, you'll receive:

ALL of the goodies mentioned above

An "Associate Producer" credit in the film

A 90-minute, natural light photo shoot with the filmmakers, Foster Wilson and Brian Leahy, who co-owned a successful, bicoastal photography business for over a decade. This reward includes a free gallery of select portraits and a high-res digital download of all images (a $750 value).*

*Photo shoot must be claimed between 5/1/18 and 12/1/18. All rewards are non-transferable.


$5,000 | 


WOWZA! THANK YOU X 5,000! (You're glowing, by the way.) For this amazing contribution, you will receive:

> ALL of the goodies mentioned above

> An "EXECUTIVE PRODUCER" credit in the film

> An opportunity to be a special guest of director Foster Wilson and writer/editor Brian Leahy for one (1) day on the set of Made Public.

*Travel and accommodations not included. Must be available on the shooting dates (estimated late March 2018).


1. Click on the PAYPAL link below and simply enter the amount you wish to contribute.

2. Send a check payable to "Foster Wilson" to the following address:

Foster Wilson
Something Wilde Productions
P.O. Box 361027
Los Angeles, CA 90036

3. Via our SEED & SPARK crowdfunding page

Your generous contributions will provide funding for vital elements of our film, including: